Yannick Clybouw

Developer and Tester of

Full-Stack Web Applications

Full-Stack Web Development

I create, update and maintain web applications in the whole stack: frontend, backend and infrastructure. Although I'm more proficient in the latter two.

I do part-time projects of max. 6 months. Typical customers/projects are:

  • For mobile app developers: creating a backend to handle authentication and business logic.

  • For data scientists: creating a full-stack web-app to allow your customers to use your algorithms and models in an intuitive way.

  • For software developers: implementing integrations of your software with other parties (e.g. with your accounting software).

I make sure that the applications I deliver are secure, maintainable and scalable.

I use following technologies:

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/ES6, React

  • Backend: Python (all major frameworks)

  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform in its full totality: Firebase, Functions, App Engine (Python and Docker), Storage, Compute, etc.

Full-Stack Software Testing

I help small teams with their software testing and quality assurance (QA) needs by defining, implementing and/or executing a test strategy.

I help the team over the whole testing spectrum, from "left to right":

  • Crafting or validating newly created user stories and their acceptance criteria.

  • Defining and creating your automated regression test platforms.

  • Supporting the developers with the automated tests they need to write.

  • Looking for bugs in finished user stories: functionality, security, performance.

  • Implementing monitoring and logging to detect bugs in production.

I work with part-time assignments and the goal is to make myself superfluous after 6 months, so the team can proceed without me.

Some of the technologies I'm used to: Selenium, Cypress, Python Nose, Jenkins, GitLab, JIRA, Confluence, Taurus/JMeter, Papertrail, Google Stackdriver, etc.


Drop me a message and I'll reach back to you for a first chat.

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